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Devin Thorpe writes for Forbes where he covers all things social good, especially impact investing and social entrepreneurship and similar topics at YourMarkOnTheWorld.com. He’s a big fan of crowdfunding and produces content, mostly video interviews, for CrowdFundBeat.com and Crowdcast.us’s Crowdfund Update. Devin has also written four books, including Crowdfunding for Social Good, most recently.

Thanks for covering PHOG’s work Devin!

CareToClick.com is an innovative online community where everyday online activity can be used to help change the world. With just a click, community members can show their support for issues ranging from protecting the rainforest to fighting water scarcity. Honored that they would cover our work, along with our ally Arturo Vittori of WarkaWater. Click here for the article.


Douglass Kennedy of FOX News interviews Michael Thomas about the global possibilities of PHOG.